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Best Motorcycle Shoes for Wide Feet (Reviews and Guide)

by Butch

You might be thinking that investing in the right motorcycle boots is so that you can complement your machine, far from it; proper motorcycle boots go to greater lengths in offering protection in the event of an unprecedented accident.

We, however, do agree that the proper motorcycle boots will complement your overall outfit and to some extend make you look dripping hot, but here is what you are really looking at. Of the many motorcycle accidents that occur on our roads, cyclists have been found to attain more injuries on their legs as compared to the feet.

Now picture yourself on a bike and look at the proximity of your legs to the ground and what could probably happen to them in case of an accident. So what will happen is that if the bike doesn’t fall on top of your legs and fracture them; your legs will probably come into contact with the pavement, thus predispose the fibula and tibula to breaking.

Other common leg injuries and the ones that warrant the need for the motorcycle boots are lacerations that result from the bike coming into contact with your legs. Ligament damage may also occur as a consequence of the impact that might force your leg to bend in an abnormal manner. So, as you search for the best motorcycle shoes, below is a compilation of the best motorcycle shoes that would suit the wide feet individuals.

Comparison Table for the best motorcycle shoes for wide feet

Construction Material
Customer Rating
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TCX Men's Motorcycle Boots
Leather and rubber sole
4.7 out of 5
Chippewa Men's 12" 27862 Rally Boot
Leather and synthetic sole
4.5 out of 5
Accelerator Leather Men's Motorcycle Boots
Full leather upper and non-skid sole
4.1 out of 5
Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots
Full-grain oiled leather upper
4.4 out of 5
Leather and rubber sole
4.7 out of 5
Ariat Women's Dynamite H2O Motorcycle Boot
100% and rubber sole
5 out of 5
Alpinestars 3402-0378 Toucan Gore-Tex Men's motorcycle boots
Full leather and suede
4.2 out of 5

TCX Men’s Motorcycle Boots– best boots for lower leg protection


  • Rubber outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Waterproof
  • For use by men

The TCX Men’s motorcycle boots run midfoot riders can, therefore, expect to be protected from the engine block or the exhaust or any other hot element that helps the bike stay on the road. The TCX is not exactly tall, but it will surely do a good job of preventing burns from the mentioned elements.

The Rubber sole has additionally incorporated grooves, an anti-slip technology that will keep you stable even as you alight from the bike and are trying to catch your balance, consequently preventing ligament damage. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather material, which apart from being breathable is abrasion-resistant.

The shoe has additionally been stitched to the sole, meaning that it will hold up well incase you slide. And for what it’s worth, the toe box is quite spacious and enhanced, to allow the rider to occasionally flex their toes, which is quite comforting especially if the shoes are to be worn the whole day.


  • Upper part is made of durable leather
  • Equipped with anti-slip rubber sole
  • The toe box is spacious for wide feet individuals
  • The zip-up feature makes them easy to put on


  • Insoles not permanently fixed


If you are tired of treating burns or of the sting reminder from a hot exhaust pipe or the engine box then the TCX men’s motorcycle shoe is what you are looking for.

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Chippewa Men’s 12″ 27862 Rally Boot-best semi-casual boots for wide feet


  • Made of pure leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • 12 inches tall
  • Velcro side closure for a perfect fit

Riders are aware of the hustle of changing shoes once you get to the office or when going for a meeting that requires you to exude professionalism. Well, with the Chippewa Men’s rally boot you can never go wrong. So, apart from the comfortable wide toe box, designed to accommodate wide feet individuals, these boot has been constructed from pure leather featuring a very simple and professional design at the top.

The use of leather is convenient because it will protect your leg from abrasion, we are, however, disappointed with the sole, as it is made of synthetic material. Now the whole idea of investing in a good shoe with a rubber outsole is so that it can take care of you, but for the synthetic sole, it lacks the relevant flexibility and might not do well when exposed to moisture.

12 inches tall is a good height to keep the leg safe from burn injuries caused by the exhaust pipe.


  • Upper part features durable and breathable leather material
  • The side Velcro straps enable a customized fit
  • The toe box is spacious good for wide feet individuals
  • Easy to put on and remove on the go


  • Not convenient for shorter legs
  • The stitching is not of good quality


If you are a frequent rider then you must carry extra shoes that you will use when not riding, at least if you want to fit in with the rest. The Chippewa men’s motorcycle shoes however, suffice on so many levels and will even double up as official shoes just use your trouser to cover the upper part.

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Accelerator Leather Men’s Motorcycle Boots– protective and trendy boots for the fashion-forward individuals


  • lace and zip up wearing options
  • Made with durable leather material
  • Equipped with a non-skid rubber sole
  • Ergonomic midsole supports the foot arch

Anything that is of good quality never has the aesthetics, especially when it comes to shoes and clothes, well that was in the past. The Accelerator motorcycle boots will put you above your friends when it comes to fashion and while at it your feet will be comfortably placed and protected.

The fancy boots are made of durable and breathable leather material, the shoe is easy to put on and remove given the zip-up and lace-up feature, which also provides for a customized fit. The height of the shoe is, however, wanting as it exposes the leg to burns from the engine or the exhaust pipe, meaning that you have to be extra careful if you are going to ride with the Accelerator boots.

On the flip side, the toe box is conveniently spacious, wearers will get maximum support from the enhanced nonskid sole with grooves. The shoe also supports the foot’s arch thanks to the midsole, which has been specially configured to conform to the natural bend of the foot.


  • The lace-up design allows for a customized fit
  • The leather upper is waterproof and breathable
  • Riders get full support from the ergonomic midsole
  • And the non-skid outer sole offers stability on slippery ground


  • Not convenient for the long haul
  • The shoes are not breathable


Gone are the days that we had to sacrifice fashion for comfort, if you are, therefore, in the market for comfortable motorcycle shoes that will make a statement, then the Accelerator motorcycle boots will more than suffice.

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Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots– great value for money


  • Equipped with an adjustable strap and Velcro closure
  • Injection-molded front plate
  • Features a breathable and waterproof drytex lining
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole

Now, this is what we call statement shoes for the serious riders, planning to try out new roads with their riding crew. Sporting a good height from the Achilles, the Forma Adventure off-road boots, will make you stand out from the group while protected your legs from burns. The shoes will afford you a custom fit thanks to the incorporated adjustable strap.

Forma Adventure motorcycle boots are breathable so you can be sure of full-time comfort, the incorporated drytex lining is also waterproof, so you don’t have to ride while avoiding the new rough roads with puddles of water. The toe box is spacious enough to accommodate the wide feet individuals and the outer rubber sole will keep the riders stable on slippery ground.


  • The best boots for touring and road riding
  • Offer support without necessarily being rigid
  • Are wide enough for the wide feet riders
  • Are comfortable and protective


  • The attachment to the sole is not durable
  • Not convenient for the long term


If you are fond of riding on the dirt roads then these boots will be convenient, the toe box doesn’t run narrow, the height is decent and the adjustable strap will afford the rider a personalized fit.

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HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Women’s motorcycle boot –Semi casual women’s motorcycle boot


  • Made with full-grain leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Heel 1.75 inches
  • Shaft measures mid-calf from arch

The Harley-Davidson women’s motorcycle footwear is quite pricey but for good reason, for one they can represent you well if you don’t want to look so informal. The shoes are the lace-up type meaning that the female riders have the option of customizing the shoe to achieve a personal fit.

The outer sole is made of rubber, for stability and grip on slippery ground. Even better is that the full-grain leather upper, makes the shoe durable, are breathable, and perfect for abrasion protection. The side zip detail enhances the shoe aesthetics, and wearers can enjoy the enhanced support at the heel.

The toe box is wide for the wide feet riders, embellished with a Harley-Davidson metal label, which apart from improving the shoe’s overall appearance helps make a statement.


  • Side zipped pocket acts as an alternative cash storage
  • Offers a perfect fit
  • Can be used with the orthotic insoles
  • Has plenty of toe room


  • Cannot withstand heat from the exhaust pipes
  • The rubber sole is not as durable


The Harley Davidson footwear can double up as casual shoes when you don’t feel like riding and want shoes that are comfortable and protective.

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Alpinestars 3402-0378 Toucan Gore-Tex Men’s motorcycle boots – Comfortable riding boots

The Alpinestars men’s motorcycle boots look quite bulky, but only weigh 7 ounces, which is bearable. The upper part has been made from an attractive combination of full leather material and suede, meaning that the shoe is highly breathable. And for comfort and durability, the sole has incorporated a steel shank; the shoe is also equipped with an advanced TPU protection layer that covers the internal heel counter, and the toe box thus enhances support while enabling rigidity on the impact areas.

The toe box is quite spacious and the strap feature is meant to enable a perfect fit. Of all the shoes that we have reviewed, the Alpinestars features the latest technology, and you will therefore be provided with a medial side structure that has been contoured to offer a perfect fit and encourage flexibility.

What’s more, is that riders will be treated to a reinforced polymer sculpting meant to enhance grip and offer protection against the bikes, heat, and impact.


  • The construction is good thus offers protection
  • Comfortable and can be used for short hikes
  • Comfortable boots for long hours riding
  • Offer great grip and are easy to walk on


  • The shoes are very expensive
  • Stiff and take a lot of time to break-in


Ever heard of the adage you get what you pay for, well that is the perfect description of the Alpinestars men’s motorcycle boots; if you can afford it, then you can be sure that you are getting value for your money.

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Tips on maintaining your motorcycle boots

Riding motorcycle boots, are exposed to dust and water many times than not, which then means that proper care procedures must be instituted immediately the shoes get off the feet.

If you were riding on a dusty terrain ensure that you brush off the dust

If riding in wet areas, then ensure that you remove the mud that might have gotten stuck on the soles or the upper part of the shoe.

Clean the upper part with a soft cloth and with neutral soap

Moving to the inside, remove the insole, for cleaning and aeration

Put the boots out to dry but in the right position

Different upper material will require different treatment whether it is full-grain leather, suede or the non-treated full grain leather. Ensure therefore, that you follow the manufacturer-recommended cleaning procedures and products to use.

The final finish after the boot is all dried up, you can either grease it, use cream, or spray this will help enhance the shoes shelf life and make them ready for the next mission.

Features to look out for when getting the best motorcycle shoes

While there is no a one size fits all option as regards the motorcycle shoes, it does help to have knowledge on what to look out for in a motorcycle shoe or end up with a sleek-looking but uncomfortable shoe.

Leather material ( full or top grain)- when combing the markets for motorcycle boots, try and settle with the ones that are made of the leather material, as it will protect you from abrasion, are breathable and water resistant.

Boot Height- if you have been riding motorcycles then you must have had an encounter with the hot engine or the exhaust pipe. So, your mission should be to find a shoe that will offer sufficient coverage in the areas that are likely to get into contact with the hot parts of your bike.

Rubber outsole- Just because you will be riding most of the time doesn’t mean that you forget about the material used in the making of your motorcycle shoe outsole. A good material, therefore, would be rubber, which has been known to flex with the feet and can offer the relevant grip when you have to stand on an oily surface.

Wide toe box- narrow shoes at the toe box are uncomfortable and cannot be worn for long, so ensure to try them out before taking them home. If you are purchasing online, check on the measurements in relation to your feet.

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