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Shoei Rf-Sr Review

by Butch

The Head bucket (helmet), no one likes these things but if you think of the imminent danger that you will be predisposing your head to, then your choices become very slim and you just have to find one that will complement the shape of your head, allow air circulation and fit perfectly ( not too tight or too loose).

Shoei Rf-SR as a brand makes some of the best helmets in the market that have been equipped with comforting features that will make you forget if you are wearing one. For example, you will find that most of the helmets from Shoei are wind tunnel optimized a feature that helps balance the enhanced airflow while enabling silence; the helmets are also designed to fit different shapes of heads without being too constricting or too loose.

So, while Shoei offers a large variety of innovative helmets, it faces a rather stiff competition from Icon and Arai both of which are still hovering below Shoei. Arai, for example, is known to manufacture excellent products but they do break easily but are repairable; Arai helmets are not as innovative and that’s why Shoei still tops the list. The Icon, on the other hand, produces helmets suitable for the long and narrower head shape, a feature that limits their market.

Let us therefore, find out why Shoei has managed to command the helmet market for a long time.

What can you expect from Shoei Rf- Rs

The Shoei helmet Rf-Rs is of good quality will offer you protection and are comfortable, the helmet is an Eames plus shell and you can find it in four different sizes. The head bucket construction has factored in the overall weight when worn and you can expect it to be considerably lighter, the available sizes begin from xs to two XL.

The Shoei Rf- Rs helmets are available in different colors but with no graphics, so if you are more into the conspicuous graphics, you will not find it in shoei. The Helmets fit is true to size, and on the inside, you will get an oval shape, elongated from the front to the back when compared from side to side, which then offers the perfect fit for the different riders.

Key features of the Shoei rf-rs

The overall design concept

The Shoei rf-rs head bucket is a result of careful precision during manufacture, and despite the different colors in the markets, the helmet is equipped with a matte black ventilation component which apart from improving the overall style, enables the circulation of air inside the helmet when worn.

The construction of the helmet features a design that helps reduce the unwarranted noise from the road, a feature that has been brought into reality via the optimal shell aerodynamics in collaboration with the lining components.


Helmets seem like they gag the supply of fresh air when worn, so while the above might be true to some brands, the Shoei rf-rs helmet has incorporated the necessary air inlets and outlets to keep the fresh air circulation going, especially if you will be riding for extended hours. Riders will, therefore, get two air vents on the upper part of the helmet to help with air intake and an additional three upper air vents, still for air intake.

On the chin area, riders will additionally find a large lower vent shutter that they can easily use with the riding gloves. We then move to the back where wearers will benefit from the two exhaust vents that offer improved negative pressure suction. What’s more, is that with all the ventilation system going on, the unit has been wind tunnel optimized, to help balance the enhanced airflow while encouraging silence.

The CWR-1 Shield

The customized CWR-1 shield equipped on the Shoei rf-rs has been designed to protect the wearers from almost 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And to make the unit more functional it has been equipped with a 3D injection molding, which will provide riders with a distortion-free view on the field of view.

And to ensure that that the helmet remains trendy, the manufacturer has incorporated new innovative ribs, both at the top and the bottom edge, a feature that helps improve rigidity while at the same time eliminating bending. Riders can also customize their helmets thanks to the improved shield locking system, which gives them the option of alternating the shield with others from the same brand.

And to prevent the shield from fogging up, the CWR-1 shield has incorporated the pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system.

The QR-E base plate system

The QR-E base plate system on the Shoei rf-rs enables fast and seamless shield changes, users also get to enjoy the Shoei patented spring load technology, which protects the rider from excess wind and prevents water from penetrating the shield. Other important features that riders will enjoy while using the Shoei rf-rs are the five-stage rotating dial that helps with fine-tuning of the shield plate.

The Multi-Density EPS liner

The incorporated multi-density EPS Liner is all about the safety of the riders head in the unfortunate event of an accident. The Dual-layer EPS liner will, therefore, offer enhanced impact absorption, through the various densities foam. The feature also allows air to move efficiently through the tunnels that have been created in the EPS.

And if you carefully check inside your helmet, you will realize that the multi-density EPS material has been precisely placed to enable a compact and lightweight design.

The interior comfort system

The inside of the helmet is three-dimensional, a feature that enables it to match the head of the wearer, the incorporated multi-layer cheek pads come in different sizes, to offer enhanced comfort, complete with helmet stabilization.

The Emergency Quick Release System

Now in the event of an accident, the EQRS is effective as it allows the medical personnel to safely access the injured rider’s helmet, with minimal load exerted on the rider’s neck.


  • The helmet is comfortable and light in weight
  • The helmet is exceptionally quiet
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Customizable vents help regulate the wind
  • The helmet is more forgiving of the head shape


  • The lining on the inside is a bit rough


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Verdict: So would I recommend this product

Yes, the helmet when compared to others in the market, is quite functional featuring the best safety ratings, the largest size offers a glove-like fit, same to the smallest and mid sizes. The unit is quiet when worn during a ride and exceptionally comfortable thanks to the Multi-Density EPS liner.


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